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Kitchen Trends of 2021 Posted On 24 September 2021

The single wall and the island


What consumers want from their kitchens changes all the time. However, one trend which has proved it is here to stay is the kitchen island: versatile, attractive and on most peoples’ kitchen wish list. Another trend which has recently emerged it the lean towards a single wall kitchen as opposed to the more traditional u-shaped kitchen.

Single-wall kitchens create a compact cooking area that houses all the essentials, while freeing up floor space for other features or a living area. The clue is in the name, the single-wall kitchen features all the work surfaces and appliances etc on one wall. This means that they have the smallest possible footprint. Fewer units means that this type of kitchen should also cost you less. So, why else should you choose for the single-wall kitchen and island combo?


Ease of use:

With all the units and work surfaces closer together, a more seamless working space is created. A reduced space between the sink, fridge and hob means a shorter distance where sauces can be spilt, vegetable peelings dropped etc!



Single-wall kitchen can be great for storage as it is often feasible to opt for deep cupboards as only one wall is being given up to the kitchen. If you need more space, you could choose to incorporate wall units as well.


Use of space:

This type of kitchen works well if you have a narrow space. You would need to rethink the island or at least decide to move it elsewhere, however a single wall kitchen allows two people to work side by side comfortably. For this reason, it is also the ideal kitchen solution for apartments, air b n b properties and granny annexes.


Fits in:

A single-wall kitchen could be the kitchen you are looking for to fit into your life. With the trend of prepped food boxes, takeaways and eating out continuing, many are finding they do not need a large kitchen. A single-wall kitchen provides you with all the essentials you need without taking up lots of space. Choosing a kitchen in a similar shade to your walls allows it to blend with your home. Another option to consider is a butcher’s block or island with wheels so it can be used when you are entertaining etc or stored/moved away when not needed.



Naturally, choosing a kitchen with fewer units will cost you less. It also leaves space for you to create a living space in your kitchen- a trend which is going nowhere.


It’s worth spending some time leafing through interior magazines or Pinterest before deciding a single wall kitchen is for you, however, if space is at a premium or the minimalist aesthetic is your vibe, it’s certainly worth considering.

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