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Hosting a Stress-free Party Posted On 20 August 2021

Insider Tips to ensure you enjoy your Party


The idea of hosting a party always seems fun, a time of celebration where you can share delicious food with your nearest and dearest. What could possibly go wrong? The planning, the prep, the dreaded clean-up – three things which need to be managed to ensure your party is stress-free and enjoyable.

First up, ditch the handwritten invites. If it’s a casual party, evites are totally acceptable. You’ll have an easily accessible list of who is coming and any dietary requirements they may have.

Themed parties are a bit marmite- you either love or hate them. One thing is for certain, they definitely make planning your menu, drinks and décor easier as you’ll have a base to go from. There will also be lots of ideas online and on apps such as Pinterest if you need inspiration- you can often find free printables that will tie-in nicely too.

Preparation and practice are key to a seamless party. Now is not the time to try out a new recipe, doing so is bound to lead to stress on the day which could have easily been avoided. Cook what you can in advance, last-minute salad tossing and popping part-baked rolls into the oven can quickly be done when your guests arrive, but you’ll be thankful if your main course is either cooked in advance and just needs heating through or is at least prepped to be placed straight into the oven. Cooking in advance will also reduce clean-up time as you can wash pots and cooking implements as you go. Keep the food simple, one of two options is plenty. Accept help, your guests will undoubtedly ask what they can bring. Take them up on their offer and ask for sides, desserts or salads to be brought.

Strategically place bins or bags around your party space, particularly if you’re hosting outside, to encourage your guests to pop empties into the correct bin rather than just grabbing a re-fill.

Finally, either ensure you have set the table the night before or choose recycled bamboo plates which can be composted after use meaning clear-up should be a dream. Now, take the time to talk to your friends, savour the food and enjoy your drink. If you manage to feel like a guest at your own party, you know you’re on to a winner.

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