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Call My Agent! filming location at Teddington restaurant Posted On 25 June 2021

OneOneFour, a much-loved local restaurant, was used earlier in the week as a filming location for the UK version of the equally much-loved French comedy-drama, Call My Agent!


On Tuesday, all the lights, cameras and action was happening behind the sealed-over windows of the restaurant OneOneFour, with security guards and equipment trucks grabbing the attention of many a passer-by that day on Teddington’s High Street. OneOneFour will pose as the fictitious ‘Café Soho’, while a second location, in Richmond, will be used as the so-called ‘Pub Soho.’

Call My Agent! ran for four seasons on Netflix from 2015 to 2020. ‘Dix Pour Cent’ was what the original French series was called in France and it can still be seen with subtitles on Netflix, with many notable cameo appearances occurring throughout the show’s run including Sigourney Weaver, Monica Belluci and Juliette Binoche.

Since it finished last year, however, Britain has created a remake of the show which began filming in London last month, with filming scheduled to continue until September. The UK version will also feature its own fair share of cameo appearances, including Line of Duty’s Kelly MacDonald, Olivia Williams and Helena Bonham-Carter. It will be shown on Amazon Prime Video next year.

Executive producer Christian Baut has said: “I first watched the show on TV in France back in 2015 and fell in love with it straight away. I immediately thought it would be a slam dunk in English and I went to speak to the French studio. Sometimes people think comedies don’t travel well but when there’s the right mix of comedy and drama and a strong story they absolutely can travel.

“The appeal of the show comes a lot from its very flawed characters who band together as a community to get things done against the odds. The show ultimately expresses humanity in a very sweet way.”

Nub News contributor and Call My Agent fan, Stuart Higgins, has said: “This was one of the best TV series to watch lockdown, full of brilliant edgy humour and drama, a truly fantastic cast, lots of surprises and if the British version can replicate the original it will be a massive hit.”

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